House Made Of Dawn in Korean Now Available!

House Made Of Dawn in Korean Now Available!

[House Made of Dawn] by N. Scott Momaday is such a legendary piece holding immense significance in the modern American literary scene. Anybody who reads passionately, regardless of his/her interest in Native American literature or cultures, must have heard of this important work that won the author the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1969. 

We were so excited to pick this title as our first book to publish in Korean, our first target language. There WAS a translated version of the work published earlier in the same language by another company, but it was for some reason discontinued. Hoem Books, our sister-publisher based in South Korea, purchased its Korean rights in 2020. Made possible by contributions by our Hyphen Reads Books community members who purchased our fund-raising goods in 2020, the publication of the work in October 2021 signaled a very exciting start to the long-term endeavor that HRB is embarking on. 

Released on the 15th of October, this fresh-out-of-the-printer book features an artwork made by the author's nephew Travis Mammedaty. Titled The Dawn, the artwork emphasizing vibrancy of the specific moment of the day provides a depth to the understanding of the work richly layered with cultural, historical, and spiritual nuances. 

Wonder how the book is being received by Korean readers? Wait for our next post soon to be updated! :)


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