Brooke Betsuie

Brooke's Message:
Yá’át’ééh, shí éí Brooke Betsuie yinishyé. Naasht'ézhi Tábąąhá nishłį́. Kinłichii'nii bashishchiin. Kinyaa'áanii dashicheii. Tó'aheedlíinii dashinalí. Tse’Łigai Deez’áhí déé’ naashá. Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́.
Hello, my name is Brooke Betsuie. I am born for the Naasht'ézhi Tábąąhá (Zuni Edge Water) people, my mother’s first clan. My second clan is the Kinłichii'nii (Red House) people, my father’s first clan. As for my third clan, I am born for the Kinyaa'áanii (Towering House people, my maternal grandfather’s clan and my last clan is the Tó'aheedlíinii (Running Into the Water) people, my paternal grandfather’s clan. I come from an area in the Western Navajo Nation called Tse’Łigai Deez’áhí, White Mesa, and these white rocks are where traditionally my clan has come from for many generations and where my true roots are.
My art style includes mostly watercolor paintings displaying the beauty of my traditional Navajo way of life. The colors and depictions of the Navajo people is what inspires me and I absolutely love the simple beauty that my culture carries. Through my paintings, I hope to create medicine, healing, as well as cultural knowledge of the Navajo people. During my journey as a young artist, I have participated in the Heard Museum art show and sold several paintings during these shows. This further encouraged me to continue art in the best way I could and I hope to share my art in a good way to my Native relatives. Ahéhee’ (Thank You in Navajo)
Instagram: @betsuieart
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