Elizabeth Campbell

     Award-winning artist herself, Elizabeth Campbell comes from a family of artists, painters and the traditional native arts. Most notably, Stephen Mopope, who was a member of The Kiowa Five. A group of Kiowa painters who reimagined and brought forth Kiowa ledger art to prominence.

     She has always been influenced and surrounded by the art of her Kiowa grandmother who is a painter and her mother who is a traditional Kiowa artisan. Everything from painting to beadwork, to the utilitarian art of what identifies the Kiowa as a people.

    Campbell combined her reinterpretation of Kiowa symbols and traditional parfleche technique, giving birth to two limited-edition parfleche bookmark art pieces for Hyphen Reads. Click here for "golden sunshield" and click here for "prairie butterfly."

    Visit her newly opened instagram page for her recent work.