How Our Process Works

Our goal is to publish Native American authored-books in languages other than English—in a series format. We carefully handpick literary works written by Native American authors of both past and current. Once a title is picked for translation, we work with the title’s original publisher or agent to negotiate terms for international publishing rights. We then assign a translator to the title, and support her or him throughout the translation phase. Per each language/country, we intend to build a series of Indigenous literary works, allowing the volume to represent the strong presence of Native American literary heritage. This sets us apart from traditional publishers, who have sporadically published Indigenous literary work one by one.


This long-term project is possible inevitably with strong financial support. Thus, as one of many ways to garner financial support, we work with Indigenous artists to create reading-/book-themed goods, which will enhance your reading experience.  Each collaboration is done based on fair, respectful relationships. Most of profits incurred from the sales of our books and products directly go to Hyphen Funds.  We also accept donations through our website. 100% of the donations will be saved in our Hyphen Funds. You have an option to donate your portion to another cause that we promote, Indigenous language revitalization.