Hyphen Funds

Hyphen Funds supports Native American literary heritage in two ways:
  • [Translation & Publication] We hire and work with qualified translators who will translate Native American-authored books in languages other than English. We then publish the works in a series format. 
  • [Revitalization] We donate to Native youth programs that revitalize and teach Native languages. Specific organization information will soon to be released.

Portions (that vary per product) of your purchases will be saved in Hyphen Funds. You also have an option of donating to Hyphen Funds. If you have decided to donate to Hyphen Funds, please use the donation option here or donate at checkout. **If you wish your donations to be used for a particular cause of the two, please indicate in the "NOTE TO SELLER" section at check-out to which cause, TRANSLATION or REVITALIZATION, you are donating.**

We are always gladly open to accepting recommendations on titles, authors, translators, or nonprofit organizations. Please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page.