Sebastian Ebarb

   Sebastian Ellington Flying Eagle Ebarb is a graphic designer based in Boston. A member of the Choctaw-Apache tribe of Ebarb, he works to revive, hold and revere his native heritage in an urban space. As a digital and print designer, he has spent his career pushing past conventional thinking - both in his day job as the Design Director for the City of Boston and in his design company Nahi (meaning “we” in Apache).

   The main goal of Sebastian's work is to empower and lift up those around him. A subscriber to futuristic ideals, Sebastian works with clientele no matter their budget. He truly believes that everyone who wants design in their life should have it.

   In creating designs that help people, Sebastian’s work has won numerous awards, including ten Excellence in Graphic Design awards from GDUSA, two Communication Arts Awards of Excellence, and eight other notable design awards over the last decade.