Submit Your Written Pieces for Our Journal 'HRound'

Introducing our second project attempting to connect thoughts through words!

HRound is a curated collection of literary works that delve into the topic of Indigeneity and Connectedness in the contemporary world. The theme of our first journal volume is "Indigeneity and Technology." We invite written pieces in this topic from all interested minds.

Who may submit?

ANYBODY. Native or Nonnative (to the US/Canada). International submissions are also encouraged. 

What kinds of writings?

Any form of written works, short/long fiction, nonfiction, essay, poem, poetry, play, etc--you name it. As long as the piece delves into the topic of Indigeneity and Technology. 

Submit by when?

NEW DEADLINE: 11:59pm EST, May 15th, 2021. 

How to submit?

Submit your work to with a title "HRound Submission." Please also include a short author bio. Please prepare submissions in docx. files. 

Is there a fee for submission?

Yes, $3.00/submission. Consider it a small tip for us to get a cup of coffee to read your work! After submitting your piece(s) to our email, please send the amount via Paypal to with your work's title in the note section. If you are unable to pay the submission fee due to financial restrictions, please contact us via email ( We have funds enough to cover several submissions! 

Up to how many pieces can I submit? 

Unlimited! But each work must be accompanied with the $3.00 submission fee. 

Rewards for submissions?

We will choose 3 pieces that will earn a micro-cash grant of $150 each. In addition, all of the writers whose works were selected for publishing are going to receive profit-based royalties per each copy of the journal sold. The exact royalty amount is going to be decided after all works are chosen. 

Criteria for winning?

Uniqueness. True to the topic. Clarity. 


For all other inquires, please write to us at