[The Eitch] FAQ

Is the subscription fee really $10 per month?

Yes! For only $10, you will receive up to 20 pieces of original, previously-unpublished writings created by Indigenous authors and writers. (Please note that depending on the length, one work may be split into shorter lengths and be shared over a few days.) With only $0.50 per day, you are getting yourself a soul-enriching treat everyday while supporting writers and their creative activities and the rise of Indigenous literature!


What can I expect from The Eitch of April 2023?

As a subscriber and reader, you will receive the writer's creatively written pieces every weekday for the month of April. One story a day! All of the work shared with you have never been published anywhere and are the writer's original work. Each work will be sent to your email--with a heart full of creativity and love.


What's the extra fun of The Eitch?

You are more than welcome to respond to one or more of the writer's work in your own creative ways! You can create a poem or a short story or a form of any other creative writing genre to interact with the writer's pieces that you strongly felt for. Your responses may be published into a book by us later!


How frequently does The Eitch run?

The Eitch is a monthly subscription program, and every month we will introduce 2-4 new writers!


Who has the copyright of each work?

Each writer and author has the copyright of each and all of their own work. HRB has a temporary e-publishing rights of each work for the month, during which the writer runs The Eitch with HRB.