Jimin Lee

Native Korean Jimin Lee has translated approximately 50 books from English to Korean. The genres of her translated works are impressively diverse: the 50 volumes include literary fictions, nonfictions on self-development, economics, management, history, architecture, biography, essay, children's literature! She studied architecture for her Bachelor's degree at Korea University, Seoul, Korea, and worked at GS Construction Company for 5 years. However, she loved reading literature and writing so much that she decided to leave the industry to become a full-time writer and translator. Eventually she studied translation at the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation at Ewha Womans University, one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, and has actively been translating works written in English into her native tongue.

Her favorite author is Jhumpa Lahiri. She loves kids and four-legged, furry animals!

The work Jimin is translating with Hyphen Reads is scheduled to be published in the summer 2021!