Seungyeon Jeong

Born and raised in Korea, translator and essayist Seungyeon used to be a kid who loved to communicate in foreign languagesand she eventually became a translator! She studied English literature at Dankook University, Seoul, South Korea, and worked as an English teacher at public high school for 3 years and half until two tragic accidents happened: the Sewol Ferry accident and her 16-year-old students' deaths. The two incidents made her rethink about the meaning of life and urged her to chase the moments of happiness and thankfulness more than ever. She finally decided to follow her heart, the love of language and writing, so she left her teaching job to be a translator.

Seungyeon's professional translation experience has mostly been in the fashion industry. In addition, she has actively been working to expand the spectrum of her translation genres; she has translated various materials including those of mobile games and great American essays into Korean. She recently published her second essay book, "My Days as a Translator."

And she loves to bake in her free time!