Younjung Lee

Hailing from South Korea, Younjung Lee has translated over 15 titles including Bright Precious Thing, a memoir by American critic Gail Caldwell who had earned the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism, and Key Moments in Art in addition to nonfictions in history, marketing, and animal psychology, and children's literature. Upon her graduation from Kyunghee University in Seoul, she worked as a English manual developer for Samsung smartphones. However, she didn't enjoy the work as much because she did not personally find technology or machinery engaging (and she herself doesn't even read manuals when she gets new smartphones either!). Younjung ultimately decided to become a translator and got accepted by the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation at Ewha Womans University, one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. She is currently on leave because her first sample translation was selected by a publisher as soon as she started her studies, and she has since been translating various works professionally. She aspires to translate as many good literary works as possible, and she is very excited about the opportunity to translate such a beautiful, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, House Made of Dawn. She works and lives by her motto, which is "translating is not merely an experience of traveling within books but that of living them."

The Korean version of House Made of Dawn will be published and introduced to the Korean market this summer!