Travis Mammedaty

     Travis Mammedaty is a Kiowa/Seneca-Cayuga contemporary expressionist artist hailing from Oklahoma. His mediums of choice are acrylic and charcoal.

     In 2017, he started to take his art more seriously. Since then he has had the opportunity to showcase his work in Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma. He was a featured artist in the Native Visions Now: Contemporary Artists From Oklahoma show held in Bentonville Arkansas. He was  a featured artist in the Walking In Two Worlds: The Art of Tradition show held in St. Petersburg Florida, The Thanksgiving Play Performance at The Straz Center in Tampa Bay, Florida, and most recently the Re/Convening: Native Arts Of Oklahoma at the AHHA Gallery in Tulsa. Also, Mammedaty's work was featured in the 2020 Winter Edition of First American Art Magazine as the Top Seven Picks for Kiowa/Muscogee Creek Artist Micah Wesley's column. His work "A Warriors Role" was a selected piece by Gilcrease Museum's #ArtistsInQuarantine project which led to publications throughout the country.

     In addition, Travis is a Kiowa language instructor and Kiowa historian. In this capacity, he utilizes his knowledge of Kiowa language and stories to bring the oral tradition in a visual form utilizing his own unique style, of bold colors and powerful brush strokes. Travis's simple yet sophisticated, expressive and eloquent style has caught the attention of artists and collectors alike.

     Travis is currently residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife Jennifer and his children, Joseph, Brandon, Derrick, Allison, and Rainey. Follow his Instagram here.

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