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Perma Red by Debra Magpie Earling

Perma Red by Debra Magpie Earling


[Perma Red] by Debra Magpie Earling came back with a NEW cover that is more powerful and captivating ever, and it's now available on HRB too! HRB recently published the Korean version of the book in join efforts with its sister publisher, Hyeoom Eamm, based in Seoul, Korea. . Even though this book was written a few decades ago, it deals with issues that are still deeply relevant to our current society and human minds, like MMIW and human desires, and continues to powerfully resonate with us to this day. Get [Perma Red] today from HRB!  *NOTE: This is going to be the last book we will sell on our website. 


About this book:
"On the Flathead Indian Reservation, summer is ending, and Louise White Elk is determined to forge her own path. Raised by her Grandmother Magpie after the death of her mother, Louise and her younger sister have grown up into the harsh social and physical landscape of western Montana in the 1940s, where Native people endure boarding schools and life far from home. As she approaches adulthood, Louise hopes to create an independent life for herself and an improved future for her family—but three persistent men have other plans.

Since childhood, Louise has been pursued by Baptiste Yellow Knife, feared not only for his rough-and-tumble ways, but also for the preternatural gifts of his bloodline. Baptiste’s rival is his cousin, Charlie Kicking Woman: a man caught between worlds, torn between his duty as a tribal officer and his fascination with Louise. And then there is Harvey Stoner. The white real estate mogul can offer Louise her wildest dreams of freedom, but at what cost?                                                                             
As tensions mount, Louise finds herself trying to outrun the bitter clutches of winter and the will of powerful men, facing choices that will alter her life—and end another’s—forever." [Milkweed Editions]



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