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August 2023 [Plucking Petals from a Dragon] with E. Ozie

August 2023 [Plucking Petals from a Dragon] with E. Ozie

The luminous collection by #1 Amazon Best New Release author and Lannan Fellow poet E. Ozie artfully captures the hurt and passion of what burns inside the soul can sometimes emerge a quiet resilience. "Plucking Petals from a Dragon" trails through dreamlike and vulnerable, tranquil and stormy, short-lived and long-lived places. In a sincere collection of poems, a short story, an essay, and visual poetry, E. Ozie explores an imaginative soul's journey through the miasma of darkness. "Plucking Petals from a Dragon" searches through experiences and emotions of dreams, memory, love, identity, and healing, unraveling a refreshing lyrical landscape. 

The author of "The Beautiful Math of Coral" and filmmaker of "If Coral Had A Place," E. Ozie writes directly to our joy and hurt using daring experimentation of language and form. "Plucking Petals from a Dragon" is an unfinished collage of the present and past moments, piecing it together for the future.

Learn more about E here.

* E's The Eitch program will be shared throughout the month of August, 2023. Each weekday from Monday through Friday, you will receive her creative piece in your inbox. a Story a Day. 

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