The Death of Bernadette Lefthand

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Winner of two regional book awards, The Death of Bernadette Lefthand is Ron Querry's debut novel, first published in 1993. Filled with poetic detail and spoken from alternating viewpoints of multiple characters, this compelling narrative of the tragic end of Bernadette's life delivers an intricate account of heritage, family, and tragedy. This twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Ron Querry's debut novel includes a new cover, and a new afterword by the author on the writing of this American classic.

Ron Querry (Choctaw) is an American author of a number of books including Bad Medicine, Discrimination: Native American Struggle for Equality, I See by My Get-Up, etc. He earned his Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico in 1975 and taught and lectured at the Semiar in Native American Studies internationally. Visit his homepage here.