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June 2023 [Tales from the Bear's Children] with Heather Eam

June 2023 [Tales from the Bear's Children] with Heather Eam

Long before the K-dramas and K-films came K-tales! Korea is a country of a very curious mixture of some seemingly contrasting phenomena like obsession with trends and technology and adherence to traditions and spirituality. As is the case with many communities around the globe, Koreans are rapidly losing their ties with the latter, however.

[Tales from the Bear's Children] is my personal attempt to reconnect with beautiful narrative traditions of my people, the descendants of the Bear Woman according to our Creation story. Each week, one (1) Korean oral tradition and up to four (4) stories spun off the story created by me will be delivered to you. Readers are encouraged to identify which character of the oral tradition each spin-off story is about and share them with me or the HRB community. I invite you all to accompany me in my journey to reconnect with my Indigenous roots and explore some exciting K-Tales of both present and past! 

Learn more about Heather here.

* Heather's [Tales from the Bear's Children] will be shared throughout the month of June, 2023. Each weekday from Monday through Friday, you will receive her creative piece in your inbox. a Story a Day. 

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