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APRIL 2023 [Kéyah ei shíjéí] with Shepherd Tsosie

APRIL 2023 [Kéyah ei shíjéí] with Shepherd Tsosie

Pandemics disperse. In many ways, this one thoroughly dispersed me and then brought me back in again. During the height of the (on-going) COVID-19 pandemic I've been living away from my homelands. Though this was by choice, I still felt very skittish when I think about traveling home, it paralyzes me with anxiety. Feeling unanchored during this time made it necessary for me to do the difficult work of remembering the connection I have and will always have to my land.

This collection of poems reflects what I miss and long for when I think of my homelands, Dinétah. The words here reflect my grief, disconnectedness, wistfulness, humor and most importantly, the out-and-out love for the land, my home.

Learn more about Shepherd here.

* Shepherd's [Kéyah ei shíjéí] will be shared throughout the month of April, 2023. Each weekday from Monday through Friday, you will receive their creative piece in your inbox. a Story a Day. 

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