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HRB - The Eitch

[Unbridled] with Hephzibah Louise

[Unbridled] with Hephzibah Louise

This collection is a navigation of hope. How it always seems to ebb and flow in the different circumstances of life; and like the tide, seems to be ever-moving, ever-changing. Sometimes we seem to be so full of hope that we can barely keep it in as it attempts to escape from our chests and sometimes it seems to only leave behind a black hole of fear that swallows everything in its wake. Feeling hopeful may not be something that is always easy to come by, and it might be the hardest thing we ever do. But it is worth it, and possible. In this collection we'll wander and journey to the places where I met hopelessness and hope (which was mostly in failed romantic relationships and dead dreams), and finally realize what I once did: that hope is a choice.

Learn more about Hephzibah here.

*Hephzibah's The Eitch program will be shared throughout the month of November, 2023. Each weekday from Monday through Friday, you will receive her creative piece in your inbox. a Story a Day. 

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