Our Story

HRB works towards one objective:


To decolonize our bookshelves—around the globe.


Since its official launch in February 2020, HRB (Formerly Hyphen Reads Books Inc.) has been working towards challenging the status quo on popular bookshelves around the globe. This mission was conceived from the observation of imbalance in book options available for readers, an issue particularly prevalent in many Asian countries where Native American literature is severely underrepresented. This trend creates problems for authors by continuing to limit the audience of their work and does so for readers by preventing them from developing critical readerships and honoring alternative literary heritages.


To contribute to redressing these issues, HRB is committed to translating and publishing Native American-authored books in languages other than English. In the long run, the project intends to create a sizable Native American literature series in the chosen languages so that the large volume will appeal to the readers on many levels.


In October 2021, the Korean version of House Made of Dawn by master N. Scott Momaday was published by HRB and HOEM books in Korea. It was the very first work we ever made since the inception of HRB! We have 5 more works contracted to publish in the same language early next year. 


As of November 2021, HRB has transformed into a crowd funding platform to more effectively raise funds for its mission. Anybody who believes in the power of books in transforming one's minds and souls and wants to help amplify Indigenous voices outside the Americas can choose to back our quarterly campaigns. 


Our journey must continue. We cordially invite you to this beautiful mission of delivering the much-needed balance to bookshelves in more countries and spreading Indigenous thoughts, vision, and values across the globe―among the ever-larger sphere of readers. 

Together, we make impact! 


Thank you,